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Jeffery L. Sellon, PE, CFEI, CVFI

Jeffrey L. Sellon founded the company in 2014 to be in control of his time and work load so he can appropriately dedicate his time to your work and better meet the unpredictable scheduling demands of the forensic business.

Also, this allows him to keep abreast of the state-of-the-art dynamics of the forensic field and contribute to that process.

Sellon Forensics Inc. is a forensic company with engineering control and engineering ownership. According to state laws/regulations, typically, licensed engineers are to recognize that their primary obligation is to protect the safety, health, and welfare of the public, and are to conduct their practice in an ethical manner.

By design, Mr. Sellon’s career has been highly diversified (see CV), which lends itself well to addressing the variety of issues typically encountered during each forensic investigation.  Often Mr. Sellon has designed and/or specified electrical systems that utilized the type of equipment or similar equipment, which failed or allegedly failed.

As the natural outgrowth of his broad based real life experiences in electrical failure analysis, facility and process engineering, and construction including working as an electrician, he brings practical insights to his explanations that will help you bring closure.

After his first retention as a paid consultant in failure analysis in the 1990s, his services have been requested more than 1,000 times.   He has testified in deposition and court numerous times.

Mr. Sellon knows the difference in your requirements such as when you need a fast turn-around insurance claim report contrasted to long-term litigation support when a report may not be produced.

Mr. Sellon became interested in electricity in high school, because he thought electricity helped humankind more than anything else.   He wanted to be a part of such an industry.   As it turned out, years later in 2000, the National Academy of Engineering and 27 other engineering societies determined that the greatest engineering achievement of the 20th century to help people was the electrification of the world.

Mr. Sellon was raised in Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska.   Some of his formative years were spent in Mammoth Lakes, California, on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada near Yosemite where he worked as an electrician at a ski area.  He is an avid bicycle rider.   He and his wife have one son.