Sellon Forensics Inc.

Fee Schedule

After we discuss your work, perform a conflict check, and accept your assignment, we will email a Letter of Engagement, Fee Schedule, and CV for your file.   We will prepare a cost budget and keep it amended when requested.

Fee Schedule Summary

Hourly Rate:   Work performed on the project including testimony to the nearest tenth of an hour.   A retainer may be required.   Normal overhead costs are included within our hourly rate.

• Normal overhead costs that are included within our hourly rate include at least: opening, organizing, and closing files; billing preparation and review; office overhead; administration, clerical, and secretarial time including the time to make and change travel arrangements; individual meals unless associated with an overnight stay; photographic charges; communication charges; fuel unless associated with a rental vehicle; and corporate insurance costs. Said differently, these items do not incur additional charges and thus are not charged to your job.

Expenses:  Charged at cost.   Mileage is charged at the current IRS rate.

Travel Rate:  Reasonable.  We do not double bill.  We split travel costs with other jobs when appropriate.

Laboratory & Evidence Storage:  As appropriate and agreed upon.

Deposition & Court Testimony Rate:  Same as the Hourly Rate.   A retainer may be required before the start of testimony.

Confidentiality:  The information provided to and/or obtained by Sellon Forensics Inc. during the course of the work is understood to be confidential.

Participation Clause:  We are allowed and want to participate in opposing any preclusion effort.

Prior Approval:  We obtain prior approval for such things as purchasing exemplars, renting equipment, and attending mediation or settlement conferences.

Payment:  Payment is not contingent on favorable opinions and/or conclusions and is independent of the outcome of any judgment or decision.

Please contact Sellon Forensics Inc. for the complete Fee Schedule/Terms & Conditions.