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Nikola Tesla

Mr. Sellon has presented his PowerPoint talk, "Nikola Tesla — His Life and Accomplishments" to numerous groups throughout the United States, including groups at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado, and at the School of Mines in Golden, Colorado.

He also presented his Tesla talk at Columbia University in New York City and at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg “…and the audience was well rewarded for coming”.

The talk is suitable for families including children and is classified as motivational and inspirational.   The talk is also perfect as an after dinner talk or as part of a conference.

Although the talk is just 25 minutes long, it weaves together early electrical history including some rare one-of-a-kind photos and is packed with over 80 slides.

Nikola Tesla was possibly the greatest discoverer the world has known since Leonardo da Vinci.   Even so, Tesla is one of the least recognized scientific discoverers in history.

It was Tesla, not Edison, who discovered the alternating current we use today.  It was Tesla, not Marconi, who discovered the radio.   And the list goes on and on.

Tesla was also ahead of his time with respect to acknowledging the achievements of women, and with respect to developing technologies that worked in harmony with nature without harming the environment.

Tesla showed us how to transmit power with wires, and challenged us to transmit power without wires.

Contact Mr. Sellon if you are interested in inviting him to speak to your group.  Mr. Sellon will donate his time including travel time, but will need help with expenses.